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As shocking as it may seem, an astounding 37 percent of homeowners saw rodents in their homes in 2017. This number is up to seven percent when compared to 2013, proving that America’s rodent infestations are on the rise.

This is, unfortunately, especially true in New England, where winter temperatures typically fall below freezing. Rats and mice alike need to be warm to survive, but they cannot hibernate like chipmunks or fatten up like squirrels. While they take refuge in warmer areas, such as your home, they often produce plenty of offspring, worsening your rodent problems as spring approaches.

House Mouse, Deer Mouse, and White-footed Deer Mouse
Rodent Trap

Rodent control at Griggs & Browne

Utilizing an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach, Griggs & Browne treats both residential and commercial accounts using a multitude of strategies and approaches. Since every rodent problem is unique, Griggs & Browne specializes in multiple treatment options for different situations and scenarios. We use the latest in rodent control products, providing the customer with the safest and most effective approach possible.

When you hire Griggs & Browne for rodent control, a specialist will provide you with an estimate and explain the treatment options available. If the customer decides to move forward with treatment, our specialist will get a technician out to your house to finish the job. Your personal, licensed technician will recommend a course of action, inspect for rodent runways and entry points, and direct the customer as to what needs to be sealed/repaired to prevent re-infestation. After setting up the job, the technician will return every 7-14 days until control is achieved. At the end of the warranty period, your technician will make a final inspection to verify that the rodent problem has been controlled. At this point, the customer will decide if they are going to continue with one of our maintenance plans.

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