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Ants are some of the most common pests seen in the New England region. An invasion of ants can go undetected until the problem is out of hand, causing frustration and stress. Griggs & Browne specializes in the treatment of all types of ants, the most common being carpenter ants and odorous house ants.

Carpenter Ant – Carpenter ants vary in size, generally from 1/2” to 5/8” in length. These ants may be black and red, or completely black, red, or brown. Common throughout New England, these ants commonly infest wooden buildings or structures, causing major structural damage.

Evidence of an infestation includes: worker ants foraging, sawdust or fragments of insulation, and/or insect body parts.

Carpenter Ant

Odorous House Ant – Becoming increasingly abundant in the New England area, these ants forage mainly for honeydew, eventually invading structures and setting up massive, multi-queen colonies. Homeowners will generally spot these ants in their kitchen foraging for a water source and/or sweets. Odorous house ants range in color from brown to black and are roughly 1/16” to 1/8” in length. When crushed, these ants give off a smell similar to rotten coconut.

Odorous House Ant

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