Signs of a Termite Infestation Posted: April 5, 2021

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Termites are a wood destroying insect that causes over $5 billion of damage per year. The most common in the U.S. and New England is the eastern subterranean termite (Reticulitermes flavipes), which nests underground for the most part and require mud tubes as a shelter for above ground movement. New England has a high termite pressure which means there is no shortage of termites and every home is at risk. The most recent studies show that the average home will have 2 colonies per property. All a termite needs is a 1/16 of an inch to enter your home or business. Termite infestations are not easy to spot and they can do incredible amounts of damage before the visual evidence is even seen.

So, how can you protect your home from the expensive destruction termites cause? Here are 3 ways you can use to catch a termite problem early:

  1. Check for damaged wood. Termites will hollow out wood using the cellulose inside for food.
  2. Look for piles of termite wings. These wing piles will be most commonly found around home access points such as windows and doors.
  3. Check for mud tubes anywhere your home meets the ground. These are straw sized tubes that termites use for transportation and temperature control.

If you fear you may be dealing with a termite infestation or want to prevent and protect your investment from an attack, Griggs & Browne urges you to call our team of experts immediately, as your family’s home could indeed be at risk. Call Now

Damage caused to wood by a termite infestation.

termite damaged wood

Termite wings are a sign of a termite swarm

picture of termite wings after swarm

Mud tubes termites use for travelling and temperature control.

termite mud tubes in basement

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