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Griggs & Browne has the latest technology and the highly trained people to meet all your pest and termite control needs when it comes to any infestation. Being environmentally responsible while protecting your home and family is our number one concern.

Pests aren’t only unsightly, but they can also carry disease. Our licensed and trained professionals offer safe and effective solutions for all types of pest infestations. Learn more about our solutions to control rats, mice and other rodents, all types of ants (including carpenter ants), bed bugs, stinging insects, and other pests that may threaten your home.

What is Integrated Pest Management?

Successful pest control involves not only the application of pesticides but also correcting conditions that encourage pest development or continuation.  This is called Integrated Pest Management (IPM for short).  As part of our maintenance service with Griggs & Browne, your technician will be inspecting your property at each visit and bringing to your attention conditions that should be corrected.  The following lists are things that a homeowner should check regularly:


  • Trees and shrubs overhanging or touching the house
  • Trees with cavities, dead wood or decay
  • Firewood stacked near or against the house
  • Gutters loaded with leaves and debris
  • Leaking gutters
  • Moisture problems such as peeling paint, rotted wood, etc.
  • Trashcans without tight-fitting lids
  • Attic louvers without screens or with ripped screens
  • Unsealed holes where wiring or pipes enter the house
  • Holes or openings in a bulkhead
  • Bird feeders too close to the home
  • Electric or telephone lines running through or touching trees
  • Clotheslines attached to the tree and/or the house
  • Leaf litter accumulation around the house
  • Any wood to soil contact


  • Food stored in plastic containers
  • Pet food kept in sealed containers
  • Openings around garage and basement doors
  • Leaky plumbing
  • Excess storage in garage and basement
  • Holes in walls leading from the garage
  • Spaces or openings between the foundation and sills
  • Excessive dampness in basement
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