Rodents Effected by Virus and Lockdown

Rodents Effected by Virus and Lock-down


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The Corona Virus has certainly had an immense effect on all of us.  But it has also had an effect on rodents and their behaviors too.

Our techs are seeing more rodents out during the day due to less people being out and about. They may also be contaminating more foods or food products in restaurants and warehouses where staff is not around as much as they normally would be. That means there are less staff members on hand to keep an eye out for rodent infestations too.

The good news is that with less staff in buildings it is easier to treat rodent issues. Also, rodents are more desperate for food sources as their local dumpster diner has less on the menu these days. This will make them more likely to eat bait or get caught in a trap.

You can take steps in your restaurant or home to prevent rodent infestations.  The National Pest Management Association offers the following tips to prevent rodents from entering your building.

  • Seal cracks and holes on the outside of the building or home
  • Inspect wire, insulation and walls for gnaw marks, which may indicate a rodent infestation
  • Store boxes off the floor to prevent rodents from residing in undisturbed areas
  • Keep branches and shrubbery trimmed away from the home or building
  • Store firewood 20ft from the home and five feet off the ground

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